The 2 bedroom apartment is 170sqm big, located in Dubai and this is the 3D interior design solution with work in progress images. Since the client has a family with 3 kids, she wanted to create an extra bedroom that would be for parents. To accomplish that, the dining room is transformed into a bedroom, and the kitchen is connected with the living room and dining room as open space. 

We pursued contemporary interior style since it is timeless, never goes out of style, and is easy to update. The living room is covered with creamy oak wooden flooring and basic light beige rug. The base color for the whole apartment is white with bronze metal accents. Different tones of marble are used for bathrooms and some parts of the living room as well as the kitchen. 

Smooth, clean, geometric lines are something that describes furniture. We used sofa Milos and Laghi coffee table for living room and for the kid’s room IKEA beds and working desks. Most of the furniture is custom-made using white mediapan in combination with beige and bronze details. Though furnishings call for a minimal approach, decorative accessories are where we could get creative when looking for a contemporary style home refresh such as Gustav Klimt reproductions in the living room.