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As we evolve, our homes should too.

As we continue to grow and evolve, it’s important for our homes to evolve with us. That’s why I am fully dedicated to creating interiors that not only reflect the unique personality, lifestyle, and interests of my clients but also function in the most beautiful way possible.

I take great care in considering and selecting every detail of the design for a living space, aiming to provide a personal and enjoyable experience that will have a positive impact on my clients.

For me, creating atmospheres where people feel happy and truly enjoy themselves is of the utmost importance. After all, a home should be a place where we feel truly at ease and content. That’s why I strive to design spaces that not only look appealing but also foster a sense of comfort and joy for those who inhabit them.

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    In this stage we discuss the scope of services and determine the goals for the project. Together with you we set the budget and establish project base timeline.

    I love to hear all your ideas, wishes and dreams for the space design you have.

    Your personality, habits and lifestyle is very important to me in order to create and present you a proper interior design of required space.
  • 2

    Concept design

    You send me excising floor plans, measurements and photographs of the space you want to redesign.

    According to your style wishes and requirements, I present you an interior design concept for your space.

    This includes mood board with color scheme, material & furniture selection, floor plans with furniture layouts and realistic 3D renderings.
  • 3

    Final design

    Making all request changes to the drawings and concept design as determined during the concept interior design presentation.

    In this stage I review and approve final drawings with you.
  • 4

    Detailed design

    Making detailed drawings for contractors that includes:

    -floor plans with defined furniture, design installations and accessories
    -detailed elevations drawings
    -lightning & ceilings plans
    -floor & walls treatment
    -carpet graphics
    -electric installations
    -custom-made furniture drawings
    -specific installation details
    -FF&E Schedule
  • 5


    Reviewing drawings online with you or your contractors and subcontractors as needed for project.

    Making purchase orders together with you, reviewing them and place orders upon approval.

    *For clients on distance I can offer online design support, consultations and supervision during building process.
  • 6

    Finalizing the project

    Final overview and evaluation of the completed design, giving you some additional tips and advices.

Where do you find the inspiration?

“Nature has always been the biggest source of inspiration for me. I am especially fascinated by the micro-world and various patterns and color palettes that I saw there.

Detailed patterns of a butterfly wings, fish colors, flowers and underwater fauna are something that inspires me and that I use for fabric designs.

Involving the nature into the indoor environment is of big importance for me and I always tend to leave some space for the home plants.

The second thing that I find inspiration from are travelling and meeting different cultures.

Every country has a story to tell with specific tradition and unique artistic techniques that can be used in my works.”


  • "Hana did an excellent job. She is a tried and true professional who is passionate about her projects. She completed everything ahead of schedule. Communicating my wants and needs to Hana was understood and executed flawlessly."

    Mr. Daniel Stilman
  • "I'm quite amazed with Hana's work. I asked only for a simple Photoshop idea or suggestion for my house, but I got a model with the production level look in astonishingly short amount of time including an extra revision, and materials suggestion, very good and professional."

    Mr. Goran Radosevic
  • "Hana did a great job. The communication was fluid and she listened to all my needs. I definitely recommend her and I will hire her again in the future if I need an interior designer."

    Mrs. Nikki Schonen
  • "It was super easy to collaborate with Hana and she delivered fast. She really got my needs and helped in delivering a successful project."

    Mrs. Muriel Bouakaz
  • "Hana Agic is very creative, professional, communicative and conscientious and has been a great help to me in designing and performing a project when adaptation of the apartment. For every recommendation!"

    Mrs. Alma Mirvic
  • "It is nice to collaborate with Hana. She approaches clients with care and respect, as well as effort to understand their needs and desires. Honest recommendations!"

    Mrs. Adela Pece
  • "Hana proved herself to be a competent architect and a strong and creative interior designer. She worked on tender architectural blueprints and interior design. She was great support with client presentations and mood/sample boards."

    Mrs. Una Barac

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