The aim of the project was to create a modern, functional apartment in the spirit of minimalism, but at the same time allowing you to feel a home atmosphere.  The nature of the interior, dominated by geometric shapes and clean lines, aims to achieve subdued elegance, tasteful details, play with colors, and contrasts with the use of noble materials. The elements that unite the space are the oak floor, vertical wooden slats, and light beige stone wall tiles in the living and dining room. All zones are connected into one big open space.

The floor is finished with an oiled oak plank combined with porcelain retro tiles. In the kitchen, the wall from floor to ceiling has been arranged with furniture except for the part below the window where there is the kitchen sink and working place. Additionally, the working space is enlarged by an island attached to the wall, separating the kitchen area from the dining room. The colors of the front are based on warm white and white marble stone. 

Decorations such as glass vases, small coffee tables with golden details, minimalistic artworks, floor lamps, and decorative cushions in pastel colors give the space more character and elegance.


Check out the virtual 360 tour of this cozy apartment here!