The aim of the project was to keep existing furniture as much as possible with possibility to wrap some of it with another decors or colours and to make new disposition of the space so that the apartment is more practical for use. Redecoration design suggests ideas for floor tiles and furniture colours in the kitchen, entrance hall with cupboard, shelves and place for keys and new colours palette for whole space. Furniture in the living room is left as is, except the sofa that is upholstered in a new light beige colour and divided into two parts, so that there is more space towards the piano. Scandinavian rugs give more light to space.  

The interior design consists of mostly light green and beige pastel colours, with a lot of plants involved around. Boho style living room brings together neutral and organic elements into a very layered and collected look. Since the apartment is located in a desert climate, the main inspiration was to make a little ‘oasis’ inside, so that people who will use the space have the impression that they are surrounded by nature or that they feel the touch of forest in it.