Zera is a  Bosnian line of zero waste products made completely from recycled and natural materials. These products include producing the cosmetics such as natural soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, clothing accessories, natural fabrics, and selling nuts.

The project was about creating the concept design for a shop (small version) including branding-logo design. As the main concept of the brand is producing natural products, the interior design of a shop is something that also follows this path, so all materials in the interior are proposed to be natural with the accent on wood and wooden pallets.

As you enter the shop the main and most representative wall is the one behind the desk, covered with greenery with a logo in the middle, that allows the brand to be visible. Furniture is all custom-made and mostly composed of wooden pallets. All shelves that represent cosmetics, nuts, and fabrics have a board on the top with the product description so customers easily can find what they are looking for. On the left side of the entrance, there is a wall covered with wooden wall panels and hooks that represents eco accessories such as backpack, wallets, and kits. 

Greenery is a very important element of the interior as it brings a sensation of freshness and nature into the space. The importance of nature and its protection is something that this brand tends to highlight by creating zero waste products. Reddish brick on the walls brings texture into the space and a certain weight that creates a more natural, warm, and cozy atmosphere.

Click and check the 3D virtual tour of the shop!