When remodeling a kitchen, one of the most important decisions to make is the type of cabinets you will install. There are many different types of cabinets available in various styles, sizes and materials.

From traditional framed cabinets to frameless European-style types of cabinets, there’s something for every homeowner’s style and budget. Let’s explore the different types of kitchen cabinets available that you can choose from for your home.

Types of cabinets

Traditional Framed Cabinets

Traditional framed types of kitchen cabinets are widely used in American kitchens and feature a frame around each cabinet door and drawer front. This helps provide structure and support to the cabinet box, which is typically made with plywood or particleboard.

Kitchen cabinet styles
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Traditional framed cabinets come in many different styles, colors, finishes, and prices, so they’re suitable for any budget or aesthetic preference. They also offer maximum storage as they can be deeper than other types of cabinetry because they use more of the wall space.

Cabinet frame
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Frameless European-Style Cabinets

A more contemporary option is frameless European-style cabinets, also known as full-access cabinetry. These modern types of kitchen cabinets have no cabinet frame but instead feature thicker sides or “box” construction with adjustable shelving and hinges that allow for maximum interior storage space for items such as pots and pans.

Types of kitchen cabinets
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Because there’s less material involved in manufacturing these cabinetry boxes, frameless European-style cabinets tend to be more affordable than traditional framed models. They are also easier to clean since there aren’t any areas where dirt collects like there are on traditional framed models.

However, if you do opt for frameless European-style cabinetry it’s important to make sure your walls are strong enough to support their weight without a face frame providing extra support. 

Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat panel kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for modern and contemporary kitchens due to their sleek, stylish look. Constructed from sturdy plywood and featuring low-profile door frames that create a flat surface and clean lines, flat panels can be customized with various combinations of wood species, finishes, hardware, and decorative trim to suit your individual style.

Flat panel
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Additionally, these flat panel cabinets offer tremendous functional value; the drawers and shelves provide ample storage space for organizing everything from pots and pans to spices and condiments. With their chic aesthetic coupled with convenient storage capabilities, flat-panel kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice for those looking to add timeless beauty to their space.

Beaded Kitchen Cabinets

Beaded kitchen cabinets are a wonderful way to liven up any kitchen. With their crisp and clean lines that have been tastefully accented with stylish bead details, these cabinets make a statement while also providing functional storage solutions.

Kitchen base cabinets
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The intricate beading adds visual appeal and tactile pleasure, bringing an elegant and timeless look to the room. The various drawers, shelves, compartments, and other elements of the cabinet design offer plenty of space for all of your necessary supplies, keeping them organized for rapid access.

Whether you’re looking to bring sophistication or unique style to your kitchen area, beaded kitchen cabinets are a perfect choice.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are the perfect blend of style and function. These cabinets feature a clean, minimalist design, often with five-piece frames and recessed panels that open to reveal ample storage for all of your cooking supplies.

Shaker style cabinet doors
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The simple, sophisticated lines of shaker kitchen cabinets make them an ideal choice for any kitchen or dining area, as they bring a touch of elegance and timeless charm to the room.

White kitchen with base cabinets
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Furthermore, these cabinets are highly versatile; their neutral colors allow them to pair well with any decor. With their classic look and functional design, shaker kitchen cabinets add beauty and convenience to any home.

Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Wall kitchen cabinets are a great way to maximize vertical storage space in your kitchen. These cabinets can be hung either at the ceiling or countertop level, offering plenty of room for plates, spices, and other kitchen items.

Upper cabinets
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Because wall cabinets offer a more streamlined look than base cabinets, they can help create an open and airy atmosphere in the kitchen. The modern design of these wall cabinets means that they come in a variety of colors and finishes to suit any decor.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to add storage space or want to add style and sophistication to your kitchen, wall kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice.

Tall-standing Kitchen Cabinets

Tall-standing kitchen cabinets are an ideal way to make use of vertical space in the kitchen. These tall cabinets are typically taller than other types of cabinetry, providing a great storage solution for larger items.

Wall Cabinets
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Tall-standing kitchen cabinets also come in a variety of colors and finishes, making them an excellent choice for any kitchen style.

In addition, tall cabinets often feature adjustable shelves and innovative storage solutions for maximum convenience. Whether you’re looking for extra storage or want to refresh the look of your kitchen, tall-standing kitchen cabinets are a great option.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Corner kitchen cabinets are a great way to make the most of the limited space in your kitchen. These cabinets are designed to fit snugly into the corners of the room and often feature multiple shelves or drawers for maximum storage capacity.

Corner kitchen cabinets
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In addition, these cabinets come in a variety of heights, widths, and depths so you can find one that fits perfectly in any corner. Corner kitchen cabinets provide ample storage while adding an attractive accent to any kitchen decor.

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or looking for ways to freshen up your existing room, corner kitchen cabinets are a great option.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are pre-made units that can be purchased from home improvement stores or cabinet dealers. These units come in standard sizes and typically feature basic features like adjustable shelves and simple hardware.

Custom kitchen cabinets
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Stock cabinets tend to be less expensive than custom models and are a great option if you’re on a tight budget or looking for something quick and easy to install.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer more flexibility than stock models, as they can be customized with different finishes and accessories such as glass panels or wood veneers.

Semi-custom cabinets tend to have more features than stock options, such as adjustable shelf heights and drawer organizers, making them ideal for those who want something slightly more personalized than stock models but don’t want to go all out with custom units.

Custom Cabinets

If none of these types of kitchen cabinets fit your vision for your kitchen renovation project then custom cabinets could be a great option for you. With this type of kitchen cabinet, you have complete control over design elements such as size, color, hardware options, and special features like built-in appliances or wine racks—allowing you to create the exact look and functionality you desire for your kitchen remodel project.

The downside is that due to the individualized nature of custom cabinets, it tends to be much more expensive than prebuilt options but they can bring an added level of sophistication and beauty that cannot be achieved otherwise. 

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, choosing the right kitchen cabinet door styles can make or break the design. Whether you are going for a classic farmhouse look, modern minimalism, or something in between, the type of cabinet door you choose will be a major factor in determining the overall aesthetic of your space.

So what are your options? Let’s explore some of the different types of kitchen cabinet door styles available and find out which might be right for you.

Types of kitchen cabinets
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Overlay Cabinet Doors

Overlay cabinet doors are a stylish and practical way to upgrade your kitchen. By putting an overlay on your existing cabinet doors, you can instantly add a modern touch to the look of any kitchen while making the cleaning process quick and easy.

Cabinet box door and recessed panel
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Overlays come in various styles and colors, so you can choose one that suits your kitchen’s decor perfectly. With an overlay, you will have cabinets with added functionality combined with an improved aesthetic value.

Inset Cabinet Doors

Inset kitchen cabinet doors add an extra layer of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen. Unlike overlay doors, inset cabinets doors feature a flush, recessed design which gives them a slightly higher-end look than overlay doors.

They are available in many different styles, materials and colours so you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen’s style.

Installing inset cabinet doors require precise measurements to ensure that they fit perfectly into the existing door frames, making them a great choice for giving your kitchen an upgraded look without having to replace the current cabinets.

Raised-Panel Doors

If you’re looking for a timeless kitchen look, raised-panel doors are an excellent choice. These doors feature a center panel that is slightly higher than the frame around it, giving them an elegant and traditional feel.

Raised panel doors kitchen
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They come in a variety of materials and colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits your desired design aesthetic.

Slab Doors

Slab cabinet doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their simple and sleek look. As the name implies, these cabinet door styles have no panels or frames—just one flat piece of material with hardware attached to it. Slab doors offer a modern edge that pairs perfectly with minimalist designs and monochromatic color schemes.

Flat panels
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Glass-Front Doors

Glass-front cabinet doors can add a touch of elegance or whimsy to any kitchen design. If you opt for glass-front cabinets, keep in mind that they do require some extra cleaning and care as they tend to show fingerprints more easily than other types of cabinets do.

Glass doors for kitchen cabinet
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Additionally, if privacy is important to you then this may not be your best option; however, if subtlety is what you’re after then glass-fronted cabinets can provide just that without sacrificing style points.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet style?

The most popular kitchen cabinet style at the moment is shaker-style cabinets. Shaker-style cabinet door bring a timeless and classic look to any kitchen, with their simple yet elegant design. These cabinets have clean lines and square details that create a uniform, neat aesthetic.

Types of cabinets and cabinet styles
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Shaker-style cabinets are often made of natural materials such as wood and usually come in neutral colors such as white or gray. They are also quite versatile, so they can easily be incorporated into any kitchen regardless of size or decor.

How to choose your perfect kitchen cabinet style?

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet style is an important step when planning a remodel or renovation. Factors such as budget, size, and existing decor should all be taken into consideration when selecting a style that best suits your needs. Popular styles include shaker, traditional, framed, and frameless cabinetry.

Beige kitchen cabinets
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Consider the available materials and finish options for each cabinet door style to find one that fits with your home’s existing look. Additionally, research whether the cabinets require custom installation or can be purchased in standard sizes which will save time and money.


No matter what type of kitchen remodel project you’re undertaking it’s important to select cabinetry that works best with your overall vision while fitting within your budget constraints too!

Whether you go for traditional framed cabinetry with its classic styling or modern frameless European-style cabinetry; or even go all out with custom cabinetry tailored exactly how you want—there’s something out there perfect just right for your needs!

With so many options available today choosing the right types of kitchen cabinets isn’t easy but by doing some research before purchasing you’ll ensure that whichever type of cabinet you go with will look great in your new kitchen!